Osaka-Kyoto Day 3: Fushimi Inari – Kiyomizudera – Nanzenji

Our day 3 can be summarized in a little less than 30,000 steps…in short, jam-packed! It was also the day when my travel friends got to meet my office friends who were on a different travel group then. Hello, ! ^_^

Finally were able to see the Fushimi Inari shrine, went inside the Kiyomezudera, strolled at the famous Philosopher’s path, went to Nanzenji and Eikando Temple.

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 1: Higashiyama & Gion @ Night

I’ve recently started blogging and in a way got addicted to it. I’ve been wanting to share my previous Japan trips but I’ve also been putting it off because I just have a lot of pictures to choose from, mahirap magtapon ng hindi basura #hugot. Japan is my favorite country to date because…mmm, there is really nothing about it you will not love.

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