Osaka-Kyoto Day 7: Osaka Amazing Day Pass

Our Day 7 was the most tiring, heart pumping day for me — mostly because of all the walking and because we were high up most of the time – overlooking the city from either a tall building or from a ferris wheel — x2!!!

We bought the Osaka Amazing Day Pass. for the city tour . It was totally worth it! If we compute all the train rides we had for the day and the entrance fees altogether we did save a lot. ❤ ❤ ❤


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Osaka-Kyoto Day 6: A Side Trip to the City of Nara

I have been a huge fan of Japanese anime ever since I was a kid but I come to really love Japan from our high school history class. And though just thinking of going to this country seemed too farfetched for me that time, I did tell myself that if I’m lucky enough, I should not miss to visit the Horyugi (Horyu-ji) – the oldest wooden temple in the world, coz it was the only temple I memorized from all the historic sites we’ve studied, hehehe!

Thanks to seat sale, we found a cheap 2-way ticket to Kansai for a late November trip and was able to include Nara (where Horyu-ji is located) in our itinerary – I was happy!img_8882

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 5: Universal Studios | Dotonbori

Universal Studios, particularly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was probably my most anticipated part of our Osaka leg. I’m not that great of a fan of Harry Potter but I am still amazed by all of it – the novels, the movies, the characters and the magical brooms (fitting my manananggal reputation at the office, hehehe)…and seeing it recreated in real life is still dreamy! …though minus the actual Harry Potter. ^_^

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 2: Hop-on Hop Off Heritage Tour

On day 2, we took the K’Loop – the tourist loop bus exploring Kyoto’s popular tourist destinations and heritage sites and visited the beautiful temples. The bus departed from Kyoto Station, Hachijyo Gate (South Main) at 9am. There is also an 8:30 and 9:30 am schedule. Check this link for the bus schedules and their stops.

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 1: Higashiyama & Gion @ Night

I’ve recently started blogging and in a way got addicted to it. I’ve been wanting to share my previous Japan trips but I’ve also been putting it off because I just have a lot of pictures to choose from, mahirap magtapon ng hindi basura #hugot. Japan is my favorite country to date because…mmm, there is really nothing about it you will not love.

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