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A Daytrip to the French Countryside

I’ve always dreamed of going to Europe ever since I was a kid. Back then, it was mainly because of chocolates, not of the culture and its beautiful architecture – just chocolates. I grew up receiving all sort of freebies from a lot of relatives from abroad and I thought that Europe is a land of chocolates, corned beef and lotion, so yes that explains it. =)

Until now, that dream did not change even though the reason did – it’s not just the chocolates anymore but because of the grand architectures, the art and culture (chika lang), and the beautiful people, you know what I mean (like why are they so gorgeous and everyone looks like a model, and here I am so…small, or something like that)

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Toronto City on foot, thanks to google map!

I was blessed with a bright and sunny day on my last day in Toronto. Now that i think about it, everyone in the city might have prayed for it as it was St. Patrick’s day celebration that Sunday. The actual St. Patrick’s day was on Friday where people in the office wore greens and hats…cool stuff! ^_^

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Taiwan: Taipei DIY tour – part 2

My friend made it the next day which made my whole Taipei adventure pretty much complete.  But since she’s a day late, she had to catch up and I played tour guide for the Jiufen/Pingxi District route which I already did the day before.  Nevertheless, we decided to stick with the “chill lang” kind of itinerary while still being able to make the most out of the remaining two days.

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