Osaka-Kyoto Day 4: Arishayama Bamboo Groves

Our last day in Kyoto was a bright sunny day, perfect for our Arashiyama trip. It was probably the least stressful, most chillax day we had despite the long walk – pretty much because we didn’t have time pressure. It’s day 4 of our Osaka-Kyoto and I was on tipid-mode already coz I want to still eat some good food (less shopping)…so we had to be choiceful of the tours we take and the temples we go to.

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 3: Fushimi Inari – Kiyomizudera – Nanzenji

Our day 3 can be summarized in a little less than 30,000 steps…in short, jam-packed! It was also the day when my travel friends got to meet my office friends who were on a different travel group then. Hello, ! ^_^

Finally were able to see the Fushimi Inari shrine, went inside the Kiyomezudera, strolled at the famous Philosopher’s path, went to Nanzenji and Eikando Temple.

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Osaka-Kyoto Day 2: Hop-on Hop Off Heritage Tour

On day 2, we took the K’Loop – the tourist loop bus exploring Kyoto’s popular tourist destinations and heritage sites and visited the beautiful temples. The bus departed from Kyoto Station, Hachijyo Gate (South Main) at 9am. There is also an 8:30 and 9:30 am schedule. Check this link for the bus schedules and their stops.

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