travel and misadventures

About Me

“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before” – Dalai Lama

If you ask me what powers will I choose if i will be granted one, I’ll be very selfish and simple and say I wanna be a jumper, because I wanna travel and go to places. I’m also a visual person so I usually learn by seeing and experiencing things.

I’ve always love traveling since I was little though I never had that luxury. My rare trips to Manila and the once in a blue moon school field trips are some of my most memorable adventures growing up.

My first travel abroad was for a business trip in the United States. I was 21 then yet my biggest fear is to be deported because of my height. I was quite terrified transferring from airport to airport with my 2 huge luggages but it was also one of the most exciting experience I’ve had back then. I survived that almost 2-week trip thankfully without a scratch and I have been empowered to travel since then.

I am a huge fan of DIY trips and seat sale and free tours and hotel points and airline miles. I have traveled to 17 countries to date. I’m far from my 30@30 but I am happy and blessed to have the opportunities to travel and learn from my misadventures every now and then.

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