About Me…

I am a small town girl currently based in Makati and working full time for a multi-national company. I’ve actually been lucky to have some business travels abroad. I am a believer that experience is the best teacher. This is why I love to travel, to learn and see the world in a different perspective.

I love the beach but I never learned how to swim (afraid of sharks). I love the great outdoors but I am not the adventurous type (never doing that bungee jumping, ever!) I grew up in the mountains but I still don’t have the stomach for long hikes.

I am a forever fan of Koreanovela and samgyupsal is my comfort food.

I am not a writer but I wanted to create a journal more as a reminder to myself that I am lucky to have experienced a piece of the world in my travels…and hopefully inspire the “indays” and “probinsyanas” of the world to work and strive hard for their dreams and to TRAVEL…once in a while…just anywhere…not to escape life but to breath a little and embrace everything good and bad.

this is not just a blog on misadventures

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