About Me

“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before” – Dalai Lama

If you ask me what powers will I choose if i will be granted one, I’ll be very selfish and simple and say I wanna be a jumper, because I wanna travel and go to places. I’m also a visual person so I usually learn by seeing and experiencing things.

I’ve always love traveling since I was little though I never had that luxury. My rare trips to Manila and the school field trips, however small, were my most memorable adventures growing up.

My first travel abroad was in the US, for work, SOLO, btw. It was so terrifying for a small probinsyana girl (I was 21 then, I think) transferring from airport to airport with her 2 huge luggages but it was a humbling experience. I survived that almost 2-week trip thankfully without a scratch and I have been empowered to travel since then.

My travels today, personal or for work, are those I always look forward to. I didn’t learn and still pack at the last minute but I am a bit smarter than my 1st trip.

I am a huge fan of DIY trips and seat sale and free tours and hotel points and airline miles. I am actually looking forward to my free Euro-trip, thanks to my miles…maybe 1-2yrs from now, I still need to save for pocket money.

I’m far from my 30@30 but I am happy and blessed to have the opportunities to travel and learn from my misadventures every now and then.


this is not just a blog on misadventures

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