I always loved autumn. There is just a different kind of beauty in fall…and also because everything in yellow, red, orange, brown is really my thing. I wanna insert some #hugot pero wag na lang at baka corny. Of course being Filipino living in the Philippines, I don’t really get to experience the four seasons other than when traveling abroad – always grateful for this. I would have been in Japan now if not for covid but because of the travel restrictions and the visa cancellation, I can only just visit it in my dreams these days…and in the photos that were never uploaded and were just sitting idly in my memory card waiting to either be printed or posted publicly. So here is sharing one of the unforgettable autumn experiences i have in another #misadbantures throwback episodes.

My trip to Kawaguchiko with my siblings is probably one of the best autumn scenes I’ve seen so far, considering it’s already the late fall season when we visited…because of the beautiful Mt Fuji, I don’t know. I just wanna go back to Japan over and over again but until then, I’ll just blog about it.

Lake Kawaguchiko is a popular viewing site of Mt Fuji. I’ve been to Hakone before and I would say the view of Mt Fuji from Kawaguchiko is more stunning, plus you get to see it everywhere…lahat ng angle meron.

How to get there. While there are a number of tour buses from Tokyo, we did our own tour by taking the train to Kawaguchiko station. From the train station, we then took the red retro bus that got us to our first stop.

Momiji-kairo or Maple Corridor. The Momiji festival celebrated in the month of November, is usually held near the Maple Corridor area. Rightly so because the place has the most stunning view of the the autumn foliage.

Itchiku Kubota Art Museum is a few minutes walk from the Momiji Corridor. According to wikipedia is dedicated to textile artist Itchiku Kubota, with a garden, a tea room & Mt. Fuji views. What struck me most is its massive gate or walled entrance decorated with tree branches (eme eme lang). We didn’t really get to visit the exhibition halls and see the gallery but if you want to know more about the details, you can visit their site and click on link here.

Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center is one of the red bus stops which has cafe (soft serve ice cream), a nice little park to chill and a pretty nice view of Mt Fuji as well.

It took us a 30-min walk to get to Momiji Tunnel or Momiji road mainly because we were always distracted by Mt Fuji the whole time we had to take photos in every stop.

There is no bus stop nearby so we had to walk back again to the nearest red bus stop after…but whatever, it was a good exercise (also tiring, yes) and a magnificient view anyway. It was a great day!

I hope Japan can welcome us back again anytime soon…sa ngayon tiis-tiis at tipid tipid muna…