I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to stay in Cincinnati for an extended business trip. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven’t really been out as much as I would have wanted to. For months, I’ve been staying mostly in my apartment except for the twice a month trip to the supermarket.

For the other few instances that I’ve been out not for groceries, I was able to take some photos of this beautiful city in quarantine. Most of these I took during the 4th of July holiday when I went to take a day off to just chill and go around downtown with a filipino expat friend (shoutout to kai, charot!)

Smale Riverfront Park

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge

Cincinnati City Hall

St. Peter in Chains Cathedral

Isaac M. Wise Temple

Covenant First Presbyterian Church

Black Lives Matter Mural

Parking lot @ 8th street

Beautiful Building @9th street

Cincinnati Toy Heritage Mural

Cincinnati Music Hall

Over the Rhine


There are still a lot of must go to places but this will be my post for now. Hopefully, I can organize my photos from my business trips so I can post the beautiful P&G office. ❤