Mizuki Shigeru is a famous manga artist in Japan. He is so famous that his hometown turned a whole street into a museum with mini statues inspired by his famous manga, Gegege no Kitaru. Thanks to my japanophile friends, I got to visit this mysterious little town of Sakaiminato. Sharing the five things you can do here if you plan to do a quick overnight visit like we did! =)

  1. Ride the JR Sakai Line. The trip to and from Sakaiminato is one of the coolest ever, mainly because of the beautiful sceneries of the countryside…plus the trains were just so cute!

2. Tour around Mizuki Shigeru Road. The street has been turned into a famous tourist destination in Sakaiminato with over 100 statue figures lining up the street from the time you get off the train station up to the museum area. It was also made a bit more exciting with their little yokai hunting guidebook. We didn’t get this (kasi di na kami bata, charot) but they say tourists can collect stamps in each stop and get to exchange with gifts at the tourism office.

It’s also a long stretch of souvenir shops and restaurants so this street is really more of an all-in-one destination.

3. Photo op with Gegege No Kitaru at the Mizuki Shigeru Museum. The museum houses different works of the artist, other original illustrations, paintings, old comic books, and yokai collections. Having this photo with Gegege no Kitaro mascot was more than good enough for me.

4. Roam around Shigeru road at midnight. This was quite unexpected since we only went out late at night because we were hungry. We walked from our hostel to the nearest convenient store and we passed by Mizuki road. We were the only ones in the road then and these yokai’s kept us company. The street even has this sound ghost-town-feels like sound effects for the complete experience…it was fun! ^_^

5. Eat at one of the best and cheapest sushi belt restaurants. Sakaiminato is also famous for its seafood. We didn’t get to experience real Sakaiminato seafood and all but we got to enjoy the best sushi belt experience ever!…yummmmmmy!

I’m so looking forward to traveling again. Japan, I miss you!