New York is home to some of the grandest skyscrapers, the most famous parks and the busiest streets in the world. I have been traveling to the US for workshops and meetings and all but I never had a chance to do any side trip until this year. It was a quick weekend getaway so I did the “checklist-bilis-kind-of-trip” versus the “chill-ka-lang-besh” na I’m trying to do in my trips these days. Anyways, more reason to go back but for now, let me share some photos I took in my solo travel in the city that never sleeps.

My only solo photo in this trip

Grand Central Terminal

I was a big fan of the History Channel series “The Men Who Built America” and so this is where I started my New York trip, apart from the fact that it’s near the hotel I was staying at. It is indeed as grand as it could get, with its beautiful chandelier and grand ceiling art.If I could get a movie reference for this, I would think of “Friends with Benefits”. Remember the mob dance with “Closing Time” by Semisonic in the background? <3<3<3

Grand Central in daylight

Times Square

This must be the busiest of all the tourist destinations I’ve been to, parang stampede! As I’m staying in the area, I’ve passed by here from morning to night and the crowds didn’t even dwindle a bit. ‘Yong feeling na kahit anong oras e may manghoholdap sa’yo ng hindi mo alam?

Funny (or probably embarrassing) story: Some mascots approached me and asked me if I wanted to take a picture with them. One already got my phone before I realized they actually do this for a living so I was not able to say “no, thank you”. When it was tipping time, I could only say sorry and said, I didn’t have any cash (I actually left my wallet at the hotel and I only had my cards). huhuhu!, nakakahiya talaga!, inisip na nila siguro na mga kurimaw mga pinoy. So, I’m not posting that photo because I did not pay for it.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

I thought I was already good with directions but I actually had a hard time finding this place. Dumbo is famous for its strategic location with a view of the Manhattan bridge. So I learned that the name actually stands for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”…ang cute kaya!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can actually cross the bridge from either side. What I did is to ride the subway to Brooklyn (York Street Station) first, went to Dumbo and then walked to the bridge. I liked this route because I get to see the New York skyline walking to Manhattan bridge entrance (or exit, hehehe).

I went in the morning but most people would actually suggest to visit before sunset. I’ll do that next time para medyo romantic, char. ^_^

New York Financial District

The financial district is home to the Famous Wall Street, the 9/11 Memorial and the One World Trade Center, which is now the tallest building in America.

the fearless girl in front of New York Stock Exchange

Top of the Rock

One of my must-do’s in this trip is to see the New York skyline in one of the tallest observatory buildings. I chose Top of the Rock because of the view which for me was the best decisions I did on this trip. The view at the top was spectacular, it did not matter na wala akong selfie dito.

It was chilly at the top but I did not mind. I found a good spot to wait for the sunset and had a nice view of the lower viewing deck where I get to see people taking selfies, and couples getting engaged and/or having a photoshoot. It was a good time to chill and just muni-muni about life and how blessed I am to have had that trip.

I waited for almost two hours to see the sunset. it did not disappoint.

Central Park

This place just looked like it came out of a movie. It was all sunny and green. The sun was harsh (it was summer) and I was alone but I didn’t mind because everyone just looked happy and everything was light. Kaloka, how could this place be packed with all these people yet it feels so serene and peaceful.

natagalan ako mag-muni-muni sa isang bench doon dahil ang ganda lang. Umalis na lang ako ng na-feel ko na medyo nasusunog na mukha ko sa init.

ni-stalk ko ang mag-sing-irog na ito. i wanted to offer to take their picture but I thought I would ruin the moment. how sweet! ❤

Here are other places I’ve visited super quickly just for the check on my list.

Flatiron Building

mini mob dance @ the flatiron building

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Arch
Frieze Sculpture @ the Rockefeller Center
The New York Public Library
the Metropolitan Museum of Art
St. Patrick’s Cathedral