I have been a huge fan of Japanese anime ever since I was a kid but I come to really love Japan from our high school history class. And though just thinking of going to this country seemed too farfetched for me that time, I did tell myself that if I’m lucky enough, I should not miss to visit the Horyugi (Horyu-ji) – the oldest wooden temple in the world, coz it was the only temple I memorized from all the historic sites we’ve studied, hehehe!

Thanks to seat sale, we found a cheap 2-way ticket to Kansai for a late November trip and was able to include Nara (where Horyu-ji is located) in our itinerary – I was happy!img_8882

Nara is one of the famous day-trip destinations in Kansai region and is only an hour away from Osaka, via train.

On our way to Nara

Nara Parkwas our very first stop. It was a wonderful sunny day so the park was really beautiful and huge (actually).


…it’s a perfect place to have your morning coffee — because you know, coffee is life ❤




…it’s a place where the deers are roaming freely…waiting for people to feed them*_^

…it can be a beautiful backdrop for prenup shoots, like this one ^_^


…where you can see the beautiful autumn foliage



…and have picnic with friends.


…Nara Park is also home to a number of temples in Nara such as the Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji. 

entrance to the Todai-ji temple

After Nara Park, we took the train to Horyuji station and walk for another 20+ mins going to Horyu-ji temple. There is also a bus option, para sa mga hindi nagtitipid… =)

…that 20-30min walk gave us more reason to takoyaki once again

to the temple’s entrance
Horyu-ji Nandaimon South Main Gate

Horyu-ji templeaccording to Japan travel guide, is one of the country’s oldest temple and contains the world’s oldest wooden structures. The temple compound is open from 8am to 5pm and entrance fee is 1500 JPY. It’s a bit pricey compared to the other temples but it was totally worth it.

Horyu-ji’s five story pagoda
Horyu-ji’s Wooden Structures are the oldest in the world.


the Great Lecture Hall
she’s honestly studying this map…ako medyo props lang, ahehehe!
Hall of Dreams – Yumedono
si Zsa, uma-aura, hihihi!
stopping for more souvenirs..

The walk in that huge temple complex was very tiring so we choose to take the bus back to Nara station vs walking for another 30mins.

sunset at Nara station on our way back to Osaka…

…and then Dotonobori again!

Dotonbori @ night is so colorful and alive!

We had dinner in a nice yakitori place then lined up for the best selling Pablo cheesecake…yumminess!

the famous Pablo cheesecake place! ^_^

Day 6 – Itinerary

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