I’ve recently started blogging and in a way got addicted to it. I’ve been wanting to share my previous Japan trips but I’ve also been putting it off because I just have a lot of pictures to choose from, mahirap magtapon ng hindi basura #hugot. Japan is my favorite country to date because…mmm, there is really nothing about it you will not love.

We went to Japan last November just right after my business trip from China. That was the most tiring month I had (at work) that year so our Japan trip was kind of most rewarding. And unlike my other trips, this one I have carefully planned to the point of addiction. I probably memorized all the train lines we need to ride on and the routes we need to take…but don’t ask me now, they’re all just beautiful memories.

Going back, my flight from China arrived late evening so I didn’t have time to rest. I just did my laundry and pack again for an early morning flight on Saturday. We arrived at Kansai Airport just a little before noon and rode the bus to Kyoto. Kansai International Airport is located in Osaka and is the main airport in the Kansai region where the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, etc are located.

November is late autumn season but we were still able to catch the colorful orange and yellow leaves and trees right before they’re gone…plus, we pretty much had the best weather throughout our 8-day trip.

Tokyo tower welcoming us.
Kyoto Tower
…and I love how Japanese people make use of any space — here’s another helpful map of the city
kyoto tower taxi stand
spot near the bus stop and taxi stand

looking for our Airbnb was confusing at first…only to realize afterwards it was just a few walk back from this store

Our Airbnb stay was in a cozy tatami room (I didn’t have a picture). It was efficient and nice, we had a little rest before we went out for dinner in Gion. We had a quick bite at McDonalds as our late lunch early dinner and head to Kiyomezudera. The temple itself is still about 15-20min walk (almost a hike) from the nearest station. It was already dark then so we just stayed outside for a few pictures and had a little walk in one of the streets of Higashiyama.


Kiyomizudera temple entrance gate
the busy street just outside the famous Kiyomizudera.
a view of the Yasaka shrine entrance gate
Gion is one of the famous streets in Kyoto.
we had our first dinner in this Okonomiyaki retaurant…

Day 1 – ItineraryScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 2.15.04 AM

…watch out for my next days’ posts ^_^