Mararison (or Malalison) Island is Antique province’s little Boracay with its fine white beach and beautiful sandbar. It is one of the 44 barangays in the Municipality of Culasi, Antique, along with the other 2 islands – Maningning and Batbatan.

How to Get There:

  1. From Caticlan, take the bus going to SanJose or Iloilo. It should take about 1.5hrs going to the town of Culasi. From Iloilo City, there are also van or bus option that should take you to Culasi, travel time is about 4-5hours.
  2. From Culasi Port, there are boats for hire, available for groups of 5 up to 15pax (from Php800 to Php1200 round trip). For those traveling solo (and in budget), the best option is to share the ride with the other group of tourists. Fare per pax then will range from Php200 to Php300.
  3. The boat ride will be about 15-20mins.
on our way to Mararison Island
view of Panay Island from Mararison

Things to Do in Mararison:

  1. Swimming (of course!) and Snorkeling. Mararison has one of the most beautiful waters I’ve seen – typical of Philippine beaches. For me, it’s more beautiful because of its “raw”-ness, being undeveloped…far from Boracay’s bustling crowd and business establishments. There are also cottages available for a day rent, ideal for family or barkada picnics.



2. Trekking. I did a few hiking trips in the past and Mararison is probably the easiest I’ve experienced but with one of the best views. I actually enjoyed this activity more than the swimming part. One reminder though is to bring/apply your sunblock before the trek because it can become so hot, especially during summer and there are not much trees you can use as shade throughout the 30min to an hour walk…chika lang coz I normally forget to bring/buy sunblock – it’s just not in my genes.

For visitors, it is highly recommended to get a tour guide. We always do that as well everytime we go there because it’s easier to navigate around the island…plus we get to help the community and its tourism. ^_^

there’s a recommended 30-min hike and tour around the island with this view




mararison island

3. Sunset viewing. I would say that my province, Antique, actually has the best sunset views and Mararison is no exception. Some tourists also prefer to start their hike a little before the sunset to get a good view from the top of the hill.

Most tourists also prefer to stay for a night or a few days and there are now a number of transient houses that offer overnight stays.

I don’t want to advertise much but I do have contacts in case you need to charter a boat or book and overnight accommodation. ^_*