Our trip to Germany was just a weekend stopover after our business trip in Switzerland and yet it was more than what I have expected. We have a friend who offered her home in Erlangen for us to stay overnight. We were very happy to accept of course, coz you know: tipid-mode…since all expenses related to this side trip will be our personal expense already. =)

We started our day early coz we cannot afford to miss our flight and yet we also want to see a little bit more of Germany. Since we only had a few hours to spare, we chose to do a quick walking tour in the city of Nuremberg before going back to Munich for our flight in the evening.

Erlangen streets early in the morning

Yes, I do make my friends wait coz I’m busy taking pictures of anything

From Erlangen, we traveled for about 30mins to Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof (Nuremberg Main Station) and then transfer to get to Lorenzkirche station, which is just on stop away from the Hbf.

Lorenzkirche train station
outside of Lorenzkirche

Here’s a glimpse of our quick walking tour and our pit stops.

1) St. Lorenz Church. Just right outside the Lorenzkirche station is this beautiful church standing high and mighty over the area.

2) Photo-op at the bridge with the view of one of the city’s landmark (not enough information to share here…basta) ^_^

3) Hauptmarkt is what they call the Nuremberg square where they have this grand Gothic church and the famous fountain. They have this belief that when you turn the fountain’s golden ring for 3 times, you will find love…and so I climbed that fountain’s gate and turned the ring, I think for more than 3x for more chances of winning, hehehehe! ❤ ❤ ❤


The Frauenkirche (“Church of Our Lady”)

4) Nuremberg Castle towering beautifully over the city is like a 10-min walk from the square. With our pace and the super cold -6 weather, it was about 15mins or more, hehehe! Compared to the grand castles in Europe, it looked simple on the outside but it actually carries with it a rich and powerful history and thus is considered a very important landmark. Too bad, we didn’t really have a chance to explore the castles because of the time constraints. =)

view of the city of Nuremberg from the castle

on our way back from Nuremberg Castle to the main square

5) St. Sebaldus Church. We passed by this another grand church with a beautiful facade on our way back to the main square.

and then it was time to go back to Munich…until then Germany! ^_^