I’ve always dreamed of going to Europe ever since I was a kid. Back then, it was mainly because of chocolates, not of the culture and its beautiful architecture – just chocolates. I grew up receiving all sort of freebies from a lot of relatives from abroad and I thought that Europe is a land of chocolates, corned beef and lotion, so yes that explains it. =)

Until now, that dream did not change even though the reason did – it’s not just the chocolates anymore but because of the grand architectures, the art and culture (chika lang), and the beautiful people, you know what I mean (like why are they so gorgeous and everyone looks like a model, and here I am so…small, or something like that)

Early this year, I was able to travel to Europe for work. I knew that sooner or later I will really have to travel but I did not expect it will be that soon. I was overjoyed, ecstatic…supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I had to check the spelling) but later thought that it will be work and will have not time to do a side trip after. Net, we didn’t really plan for anything. One of our contacts at work however, was so kind enough to offer to visit her home in France which is just about an hour away from Geneva. Wah, so grateful! So here I’m sharing that quick day trip to the beautiful villages in the department of Savoie, south east of France.

From Geneva Gare Cornavin station, we took the 9:22am train and arrived in Culoz, France at 10:23. Our office friend, Isabelle, was already waiting for us at the train station when we arrived ^_^

From the train station, we had a quick drive to Isabelle’s house to meet her husband and son (beautiful family btw). We then started our tour around the area. I personally did not expect to see much and just expected to chill anywhere possible but the small villages in the area was actually more than what we have expected. Our first stop was the Hautecombe Abbey, a beautiful church/monastery strategically located just beside the lake, it got a beautiful view. ❤

view of Hautecombe Abbey from Luc de Bourget

We learned that it was a former burial place of numerous Counts of Savoy and the last kings and queens of Italy. To learn more, you can visit their website in this link.

We arrived in time for the audio tour but we were not allowed to take pictures inside. It was beautifully built on the outside and even intricately designed on the inside. I am still amazed by how huge one of the marble statues there was.

After the audio tour, we walked to the lake to get a good view of the church from afar. ❤

Our next stop is the village of Chanaz, a small and peaceful community by the stream or river or canal (sorry, a beautiful body of water na lang). For me it was so peaceful, I didn’t notice anyone but only the three of us walking (I even wondered if those nice houses had any occupants because I didn’t hear anything, hehehe).

For me it was a nice surprise because I’ve been used to very crowded places in my travels…so crowded I could not get a decent picture. In this place, I am freeeeeeee!!! *click*click*click*

Chanaz Village

I would rate this as the most beautiful, peaceful and cleanest small village ever – I cannot believe my eyes. waaaaah!

We enjoyed that small village tour so much we forgot we also needed to eat. We drove back to Isabelle’s home in Chindreux but not without a quick stop for pictures…again!

We had a sumptuous lunch, the traditional French meal – meat and wine, and all that, prepared by our host’s family. OMG, i felt so cultured, hahaha! Too bad I didn’t take pictures of the fooooood! but it was so lovely! ❤ ❤ ❤

We had a good chat over lunch…and then it was time to go. Before we went back to the train station, we did our final stop to this place with a beautiful view of the lake or Luc de Bourget.


Thanks to Isabelle and her beautiful family for welcoming us to their home! ❤ ❤ ❤