I fell in love with Eibsee the first time I saw a post by a friend’s friend (who also became my friend in this trip) on instagram.

When Marianne, our instagram friend (lakas ko maka-claim ng friendship, hehehe!) knew we were coming to Europe for business trip, she was very generous to offer her house and her company (almost everything that she has hahaha!) so we can enjoy our sidetrip and see Eibsee .

We started our day very early as we had to take the 8:30am train from Munich main station to Garmisch. We were actually coming from Geneva the night before and just slept at the hotel for a few hours. We booked via booking.com coz it had the best deal during that time. You see, this trip is not covered by our business trip anymore so we really had to work tight on our personal budget.

just one of the structures on our way to Munich Train Station
München Hauptbahnhof or Munich Main Station

We bought the Bayern ticket for only 31 Euro for 2pax which gave us an unlimited pass on all train ride (except the express trains) for the day. To learn more about Bayern ticket and the great deal you can get of traveling in group, check this link.

view from the train ride from Munich Main Station to Garmisch

From Garmisch-Partenkirchen station, we took the bus going to Eibsee for another 30mins. The bus fare is 5Euro per person.

Garmish-Partenkirchen station
bus station in Garmisch going to Eibsee

We got off a nice looking hotel cabin and started our hike 30min to 1hour hike or i don’t remember anymore because we were so giddy taking pictures every step of the way. It could have been a 15-min walk to the lake but we didn’t bother that we quintupled it or whatsoever.

my cast and crew!
the bus stops in front of this cabin/hotel in Eibsee
this is real. this is me, hehehe! photo by @MutyaDelosSantos

I still remember my hands were like ice cold while taking these pictures but I thought that it’s not everyday that I get to see this – this could even be once in a lifetime so nevermind the cold.

I just loved to see the snow and how peaceful it felt to be in this forest.

even the frozen leaves looked so mysterious to me. wah!!!
can i just say I love trees?
backshot…perfect!, i can see their smiles from where i was standing.

The moment I saw this my heart was frozen – it was so beautiful, it felt surreal! “I only saw this in pictures but here I am” – thoughts like that.

My heart sank a bit for a few seconds realizing that everything is covered in snow. You see, “see” is German for lake. So how come there’s no water? It was still so beautiful nevertheless. I cannot even explain how it felt…I know, OA much, hahaha!

taken from Untersee, the smaller lake version

After a long photoshoot in that cold weather, we decided to go back to Garmisch to have lunch and wait for our 4:30pm train going back to Munich.

We arrived in Garmisch a little past noon and had lunch in this cozy German restaurant just an hour before their 3PM closing time. Medyo kurimaw move that I didn’t plan to share in this post but my colleague and I actually shared a meal because you know, tipid-mode. It was actually a good decision since their serving is really huge. ^_^

Suffice it to say, we did not miss our train, yey! From Munich station, we still had a 3-hour train ride to Erlangen, Marianne’s place, which was a good reason to sleep-pa-more in the train after that long and cold hike. ^_^

P.S. If you need help on planning your budget travel itineraries, follow Madaldalkid.com , our good friend who was also our tour guide, travel planner, foster sister all rolled-into-one.