I was blessed with a bright and sunny day on my last day in Toronto. Now that i think about it, everyone in the city might have prayed for it as it was St. Patrick’s day celebration that Sunday. The actual St. Patrick’s day was on Friday where people in the office wore greens and hats…cool stuff! ^_^

St. Patrick’s day is apparently a big celebration in Toronto, they even had a big parade and some roads were closed for that occasion.

I pretty much walked the whole day coz it seemed like I’d lose the opportunity to see how beautiful the city is if i’d ride the train…besides, it’s really more economical and healthy to walk, right?…mmm, to be honest nagtitipid lang talaga si inday…

Day 2: DIY Walking Tour 

The Distillery District was my first stop of the day. Designated as the national historic site of Canada, it’s the nicest neighborhood in the city with all buildings made of brick, good-looking restaurants and cafes and different art galleries as well.

Some shops and restos are still closed in the morning but most cafes are already serving. I got hot coffee and a danish (danish ba yon? 🤔) for breakfast at Balzac’s, a cool cafe with very nice flooring and high ceiling with chandeliers. They also have a second floor that also serves as a gallery. It was however full that time so I didn’t really had a chance to make tambay and magpa-init (hirap mag-english ha).

So i took my morning coffee on one of the benches outside…with the birds and all…you know, my kind of thing #charot!

After almost an hour of freezing myself outside and visiting a few galleries, I left to explore the city more. I was walking at the Parliament Park just outside Distillery when I was greeted by this beautiful skyline with the CN tower at the center…nice surprise! ❤

What I really love about the city is having to walk for hours without having a drop of sweat. Coming from a very tropical country, I really wanted this kind of cool weather. Not to mention, every stop and turn, it’s really clean and beautiful everywhere. Even the trees without their leaves anymore were beautiful to me, considering I am a huge fan of greeeeeens! 🤧 (getting emotional now)

My long walk led me to the Old City Building of Toronto which is now used as a courthouse. It’s one of the grandest and famous structures in the city I would say, with the Nathan Philips Square (the one with the skating rink and a huge TORONTO sign) and the New City Building across. There were a lot of people waiting for the parade that day so it was quite a happy and nice sight.

I walked to the CF Eaton Centre to grab lunch and look for a power outlet. Yes, it’s only half a day and my phone is already running out of battery. Good thing I found a foodcourt in Eaton with working power outlets that I was able to fully charge my phone again. I was also quite amazed that more than half of the workers in that foodcourt were Filipinos (naririnig ko silang nagtatagalog, nahiya lang akong kausapin at baka englisin nila ako at slang pa)…but yeah i love to see familiar-looking faces ^_^

After my tummy (and a bit of my phone’s battery) is full,  I headed for my last stop of the day, the CN Tower! It was again a long walk from Eaton but thanks to google map, it was easy breezy going to the area. My curious self followed a group of anime-looking people to a building without knowing where they’re going.  And then i saw that there was a ComiCon event pala! Everyone was dressed up in their favorite cartoon/anime character. I was excited to take pictures of that very unexpected moment but I was stopped at the door and was asked “where’s your ticket?”…oooops!, sareh!, di to libre, inday! ✌🏼I didnt feel the need to watch anymore, bahala kayo jan kala ko libre eh…there are still a lot of alodia gosengfiaos in the area but i lost my interest and did not take pictures anymore, only this robot from star wars (pero promise madaming magaganda na san goku dun!)

After an exhausting pakikibaka sa ComiCon, I became so tired I literally sat at the corner and made tambay for a while while the anime’s are having their photo op. That was a strategic move coz there’s a power outlet there!, ninja moves ng mga batang walang dalang portable chargers.

Anyways the ComiCon ConventionCentre was just beside the CN Tower, yey! I didn’t go to the observatory anymore coz I was hoping there’d still be a next time. So my long walk was all worth it after seeing the 3rd tallest tower in the world.

Fact: Did you know that CN Tower was the tallest free standing structure since it’s completion in 1976? Wikipedia said that it held its record as the tallest tower for 34 years until Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower was completed in 2010. Mmmm, so looks like i have been able to see 2 of the top 3 towers in the world (I’ve seen Canton Tower last year chos!). Let’s go see Burj Khalifa!

After CN tower, i was ready to call it a day. I did just have coffee and chill at the harbourfront…until sunset!

…then it was time to go home.

Toronto thank you for the warm welcome despite your cold weather!, hope i can come back ^_^ sa panahong keri ko na ang lamig 😜#adbantures #natoTORONTOako