Canada is the place to be! That’s what i would always hear at least for most people I know who want to migrate. Honestly, it was not really one of my bucket lists for places I want to travel to (until I saw Quebec in the K-Drama Goblin). And then I had a chance to travel to Toronto for work and it changed everything. This country is not short of AMAZING – with all its (promise-not-boring-in-fact-amazing) brick structures, multi-cultural people, and very nice weather…though there were days I was really freezing as it was still winter.

My trip was pretty much unplanned so I didn’t really had a chance to research but thanks to google and a kind boss at work, i was able to make the most out the weekend in the city. So this is just sharing my 2-day DIY itinerary in case you want to explore this city in one of your travels.

Day 1 – Explore Toronto Downtown and Niagara

My hunger led me St. Lawrence Market. I was trying to look for a Salcedo-weekend-market kind of place and this is what google gave me. It was an unexpectedly huge building, far from the “tent-tent-type” lang na weekend markets in Manila. And then i thought this is Canada, inday!, what do you expect?! Okay, so i moved on. They had a few souvenir shops right after the entrance so i forgot about my gutom for a while. A few keychains after, my stomach was growling already so I went looking for food. Problem with having a lot of food choices is that you cannot decide which one you wanna eat. So i went to one of the breakfast place just outside the building. Paddington’s pump is a really nice place jumpacked with locals (tanders version, hehehe). I had their steak and eggs, naloka ako kalaki ng serving!, of course i know these things naman like servings and all yet again di pa rin maiwasang maloka ni inday. I didn’t take pictures of my food coz i was sitting at the counter with some elderly Canadians and i was afraid they might judge not just me but the buong kapuluang pilipinas. Self restraint, one of the many things i had to learn when travelling to foreign places…yet never ever going to master! ^_^

Gooderham Building is one of those buildings you see na paharang-harang sa daan pero napakaganda. It’s actually a very cool red brick building two blocks away from St. Lawrence Market that splits the Front St. and Wellington St. Apparently it’s also one of the famous landmarks in Toronto.

Do you also look for a church when you go abroad? I do! I dont necessarily go attend the mass but i do try to visit. Cathedral Church of St. James is located at King St. East just a few blocks from the St. Lawrence Market and it’s a light rail transit stop as well so i think it’s pretty accessible.

Can i just say this is my first snow experience?, weeeeeeeeh!!! 🎢🎡🎢

Niagara Falls could be the highlight of this trip thanks to one of my bosses at work who drove for me (as in ME lang talaga!)! Thanks Nadine!

We left Toronto by 11:30 and were already in Niagara by around 1pm! Compared to Manila traffic, that was much like a breeze!

It was already snowing in Toronto that day so i was preparing to be frozen when we got to Niagara. Suprisingly, the weather was actually not that bad despite all the snow in the ground. Though i was still freezing then (with the snow falling charot!), it was still not as bad as cold as in the city. So yey i can “let it go” ala elsa! β„β˜ƒ

It’s like a 20min stroll from parking to the actual Niagara view site and the Horseshoe falls (something like that) but it was very fun, didn’t feel cold at all! And compared  to the seas and oceans you need to cross to get to the 1701 islands of the Philippines, this one you only need to cross the bridge and you’re in the US of A already!, arte lang!!!, though walang US visa si inday so hindi pwede. 😜

After a few stops for pasalubong and an early dinner,  we were back in Toronto before 8pm. (Though my boss still had to drive back home by more than 30mins…yikes sorry Nadine!)

My battery was drained after 4pm so i didnt really have much pictures after! πŸ˜‚

So this is it for Day 1 for now. Day 2 laterssss or soon! 😘

P.S. Quebec City is now one of my top list of cities to travel, thanks to Goblin of course. I will surely share it here if I get so lucky and can come back to Canada again.