Day 1. Northern Basco Day Tour. Batan is the biggest of the three main habitable islands of Batanes. Basco, the capital is located in the north of Batan. Flights going to Basco are normally scheduled early morning so just enough time to settle down to your hotel or homestays before starting the tour. I think there are a number of tour packages offered by travel agencies but i think it is still DIY-able. We actually got a good deal with  manong tricycle driver who also acted as our tour guide for Php500/day.

Our day 1 started a little over lunch but it was already jampacked with Basco Lighthouse as the highlight.

Our first stop was the Valugan boulder beach, your not-so-ordinary beach. Instead of soft white sands you’d normally expect on Philippine beaches, this one had boulders or stones , the smoother version not the rough-on-edges-kakatakot-version of rocks though.

We did a quick stop at the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel site and had a photo op with the beautiful Mt Iraya which was covered in clouds that day. The greeneries and small hills were still a feast in the eyes though.

Our next stop was Fundacion Pacite though I’m not sure if it can be considered a stop because we just managed to look from afar. However, we did visit the PAG-ASA Weather station (beautiful btw) which is just nearby.

Tukon Church is a small lovely church sitting beautifully on a top of a hill facing what i think was the Pacific Ocean. I think it’s the type of church one would to get married in – because it’s intimate and of course, the view.

Our next stop was the breathtaking Vayang rolling hills – I almost cried inside. The sun was scorching hot that time, the wind a bit violent, and the view was just so beautiful it takes your breath away.

If Batanes would actually have a trademark, it would be its beautiful lighthouses. Our last stop for the day was actually one of the most famous lighthouses in Batanes, the Basco Light House strategically located on top of Naidi Hills. I think we spent a good 30mins just watching the ocean from the top of the lighthouse despite the heat of the sun and our mahangin-ba-sa-labas look. Looking back, I am thankful that there were not much tourists that time and that we had the place only for ourselves…so no photobombers, hehehe!


Here’s a quick summary of how our day 1 looked like, in google map! ^_^


wrapping up this post coz I’m starting to get sleepy already, we still have our symposium tomorrow, or later…writing my day 2 post in a couple of days. goodluck, self!